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Since I have no experience in being older but have to learn as I go, I have to ask someone with more history than myself one question. Do you frequently explore the memories of your past? I hope so or I’m in trouble.

Anyway, today I was thinking about an old friend of mine who, years ago, told me about an incident he read in the newspaper. According to my friend, there was a truck driver who found himself in a dilemma while driving his eighteen-wheeler down the roadway. The driver had attempted to go under an overpass and due to the clearance the trailer became wedged. Unable to move forward or back, the driver contacted the company owner who in turn made the necessary calls for assistance. Soon there were police, company personnel, highway engineers trying to decide the best way to move the trailer. Some time went by and still no agreement as to removal.

My friend told me that a young boy, on his bicycle, was passing by and asked one of the police officers there what had happened. The officer told the boy about the trailer being wedged. The boy then asked why all the people were there to which the officer told the boy that the people were trying to decide the best way to remove the trailer. After a little while, the boy told the officer he knew how to solve the problem. The officer told the boy that the professionals were there and they could take care of it. The boy informed the officer that the best way to move the trailer was to:

Let some air out of the tires.

I try to stay abreast of what is happening in our country and the world today. There are many problems. Unemployment, healthcare, immigration, deficit, division, partisanship, and much more. As I see it, the professionals are standing around and not getting much accomplished and possibly making things worse.

Where are ya kid?

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