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About MoveMississippi

MoveMississippi was created as a site dedicated to the issues of the State of Mississippi. Many articles and views published in research, opinion columns, and the media have expressed that Mississippi ranks last in what is good and first in what is bad. Areas mentioned are poverty, education, healthcare, hunger, obesity, etc.

It is the desire of MoveMississippi to provide a voice to those with honest ideas to improve Mississippi. MoveMississippi will provide news articles from around the state for your viewing, as well as, links to your state and federal officials to perhaps entice you to contact them with your questions and opinions. Some national articles will be included which report on areas of concern for Mississippi's citizens.

Visitors to MoveMississippi, whether you are a resident of Mississippi or not, are encouraged to contribute to  SayWhat?Letters or participate on the Blog Page.

MoveMississippi will be including polls frequently and although these polls may not be scientific they will provide some information on the pulse of the readership.

Hopefully, visitors to the MoveMississippi site will find useful information and enjoy their experience in moving Mississippi.

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