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This Is ‘Gonna’ Hurt


As I peruse the internet, usually on a daily basis, I have learned the internet has become like a fuse on a bomb. This is especially true of forum posts and both the left and the right serve as part of that fuse.

When I cranked up my pc today and reflected on some of the posts I have read over the past few days, I was reminded of an experience I encountered years ago. A friend of mine and I were riding motorcycles on a winding roadway through some hilly country outside of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. As we topped a hill, we noticed the road took a 90 degree turn to the left and only trees stood straight ahead. I hit the brakes on my bike and found, due to a little sand on the roadway, there was no traction. My bike began to slide out of control and I was headed for the trees. I thought to myself, “This is ‘gonna’hurt.” I kinda feel that way now when I search the net.

The amount of condescending, hate-filled remarks between some posters is astonishing. Very seldom is there any compromise in tone or text. Finger-pointing abounds.

How long will it be before the vitriol leads to actual physical violence on the streets of this nation 

Oh well, I survived the bike ride and the slide through the trees. I remember when I stopped the sliding, I stood up and checked my watch to see if it still worked. Perhaps a slide through the world of forums is not harmful either.

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