The Signs of Class Warfare


The unionized public employees, the unions, and those on the left have broadcast that the state governors who are trying to reign in budget deficits are promoting class warfare. There are signs of class warfare but it is not being promoted by the governor’s. Instead, the class warfare is coming from the public employees and the unions. The other class? The citizens who are non-union taxpayers, which is the majority of AMERICANS.

All one has to do is to look at some of the actual signs that have appeared at the protest in the state of Wisconsin. Take at look at Buzzfeed to see a number of these signs and ,perhaps, you can see the “Real” class warfare.

The wording on some of the signs indicates what the public employees and unions think of themselves in comparison to the non-union citizenry. They have seemingly labeled themselves as the working class, the true Americans. as though if you are not a public union employee you don't work or not American.

One such sign read “Stop the attack on worker’s rights.” Union employees are not the only workers in the U.S. The sign would have been ok had it properly stated, “Stop the attack on Public Workers’ rights.”

Another sign stated, “ Don’t penalize our working class.” Again, the protesters are classifying themselves as the only people that work. This sign would have been more truthful if it had stated, “ Don’t penalize the public union workers.”

How about the one that states, “Unions, the voice of working families”, as though if you are not a union family, you are not a working family.

Perhaps some of the best signs that show the true class warfare are the ones that refer to the union employees as true Americans.

There is a class warfare going on and it is not between the governors and the union employees. It is between the union backed public employee and the regular, non-union worker and taxpayer. The signs never reflect that a non-union employee is a worker, a taxpayer, a family, an American. What is more appalling is the fact the signs fail to show “a thank you” to the millions of taxpayers that have been funding public employee salaries and benefits for years.

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