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While browsing the net today, I came across an article of interest regarding National School Choice Week. Perhaps, you will find it interesting and I am sure there are those who will have pro and con views.
National School Choice Week, January 23-29, 2011, is for advocates of School Choice in hopes of bringing attention to effective educational opportunities for students nationwide.
Advocates of school choice are sending out the message that for so long the education system in the United States has been failing to focus on what should be important: the student.
According to advocates, money on top of money has been poured into education and yet our schools still seem to miss the mark.
One blogger offered:" Three Reasons You Should Join 'National School Week"
First: "Most education Reform throws good money after bad"
Second: "School Choice Can Help States From Going Bankrupt"
Third: Every Child Deserves a Quality Education To Prepare Them For Life"

A message straight from the National School Choice Website states the following:
"Our message is simple: we need a K-12 education system that provides a wide array of options. We need an effective education system that has the flexibility to personalize and motivate students and allow parents to choose the school that is best for their child.
National School Choice Week was created to provide a concentrated focus on this mission – a time for the media and the public to hear our resounding message and a time to bring new voices into the chorus. There is no one organization behind this effort; those working on setting it up come from a variety of school reform organizations. We may each have a specialty: charter school growth and success, universal vouchers and tuition tax credits, corralling out-of-control spending, or union accountability, but each is equally important and all should plan to be a part of this special week."

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